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92 Painting specialized in getting units in "rent ready" condition. We take what ever your tenant left and make ready for the next one to move in without having to micro-manage every piece.

If you are looking to spruce up your home, we also do residential work.


You never know what you will be left when someone moves out. But it is usually worse than what you expected. We get rid of all the grime, patch the nail (or larger) holes and even repair water damage. We can paint it simple white or any color you choose.


After you have fixed your appliances and replaced the carpet and we have painted the unit for you. Our cleaners come in and give it that finishing touch that tells you that it is ready to move in.

  • Houses, Aparments, Townhomes

  • Residential & Commercial

  • Walls, Ceiling, Closets

  • Cabinets and Refinishing

  • Decorative Woods/Metals

  • Hole Patching & Plastering

  • Drywall patches

  • Stains, Lacquers, Varnishes

  • Wall/Ceiling Texturing

  • Cleaning

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