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Exterior painting takes a different level craftsmanship and set of skills that other kinds. We maintain only the most experienced painters for this kind of work to ensure that your presentation is worthy of what you paid.


We make sure your building is ready for a proper paint job by preparing it properly. We start with a powerwash, then remove any paint that would prevent a clean finish. We patch all surfaces that need it, filling in gaps and cracks.


92 Painting is dedicated to making sure your get your money's worth. We do not sacrifice quality on exterior jobs as this is what the world sees of your property. We finish the job as we start, detail oriented, with a clean presentation as our goal.

  • Stucco

  • Siding & Paneling

  • Eaves, Fascia, Windows

  • Metal Gates & Fences

  • Deck Floors & Stairs

  • Iron Bars & Decorations

  • Security Doors

  • Masonry & Driveway Sealing

  • Wood Staining & Varnish

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